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Brenda Goldstein is a multi-disciplinary artist working in moving image, photography, sculpture and painting. She also works as a professional videographer, editor and photographer.

Brenda Goldstein’s works are influenced by landscapes: terrestrial, psychic and political.

Her most recent works are paintings made of fabrics, hide, plaster and thread. These materials are often unpredictable and resist each other. Found in her works is the labour of stitching and fraying, cutting and burning. A continuous process of wounding, healing and repeated attempts at solving unsolvable problems, she bandages and sutures surfaces to make inadequate repairs.

Other works present the bright colours of her environment using architectonic lines and curves in gouache, pencil and crayon on paper, in addition to encaustic and Plexiglas on panel.

Goldstein has also worked in sculpture; performance; and creating large-scale installations in film and video for which she has received Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council awards, her moving image work has been exhibited internationally. A Canadian artist, she has lived and worked in Toronto, Berlin and New York  she currently makes her home in Durham, NC. 

Works are available through Alfa Gallery.

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